Advanced Swahili


This advanced Swahili language course is designed for learners who have attained the equivalent of Intermediate level Swahili and wish to perfect their knowledge of the language while developing skills in independent reading. Learners will be introduced to a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts in Swahili such as children's stories, songs, short stories, speeches, newspaper articles, poetry, plays, and novellas. Learners will gain experience by practicing own productions of the various genres plus presenting reviews and translations of assigned texts. Learners will continue to interact meaningfully with Swahili speakers in St. Louis during community-based learning at the refugee school and elsewhere. Prereqs: Permission of instructor and successful completion of AFAS 103D, 104D, 203D, 204D or equivalent experience.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; AS LCD; AS LS; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Advanced Swahili
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