Internship in African & African American Studies


Students receive credit for a faculty-sponsored and approved internship with a community partner. Preference will be given to AFAS community partners. The internship is intended to give students the opportunity to obtain professional experience and apply AFAS concepts in project with a community partner in their area of interest. Students must have a faculty advisor, and a site or project supervisor at the community partner. Registration requires completion of the Learning Agreement, which must be filled out and signed by their faculty sponsor, the AFAS Director of Community Engagement, and their site supervisor prior to beginning internship work. Students should agree on a set of deliverables with the faculty sponsor, for instance, bi-weekly journals with an end-of-the-semester short reflection paper. Students are encouraged to use their internship experience for their future capstone or senior honors thesis. Students may not receive credit for work done for pay but are encouraged to obtain written evaluations about such work for the student's academic adviser and career placement file. May be taken for 1-3 credit hours, depending on the number of internship hours.
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Internship in African & African American Studies
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