'Born a slave, died a chef': Professor Rafia Zafar on food and the fight for civil rights

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reviews AFAS Professor Rafia Zafar's new book Recipes for Respect (University of Georgia Press, 2019).

In Recipes for Respect, AFAS Professor Zafar shows how "African-American cooks used their knowledge of meats, fruits and vegetables and how to grow and prepare them to lift up their status while still facing racism and Jim Crow laws." The study sheds new critical light on the pioneering and deeply political work of figures like George Washington Carver. Read more at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Pictured: The school in Neosho, Missouri where George Washington Carver studied as a child (from "Saving the Neosho Colored School, where George Washington Carver had his start." Ozarks Live Feb. 13, 2017).