College and COVID-19

"College during a pandemic is a very hard transition and it took me a while to get adjusted to the new challenges that it created. The pandemic interrupted the plans I had made for internships, jobs, and with my peers. Before the pandemic, I usually did not stay in my room for long periods of time, and I was engaged with various campus activities. I used to go play piano in the music rooms, I played pool in the DUC, I studied in the rooms in Simon and hung out with friends. Then my room became the place of learning, sleeping, eating, etc. I had to really take some time to myself and come up with a plan to approach this virtual school. Some tips that I came up with were 1) studying outside of your room 2) turning the camera off and stretching and 3) make no workdays where you get to take a break from school and relax. These tips have helped me get adjusted to the new zoom school year as well as maintain my stress levels." Andre McClerklin, AB 2021

"As a transfer sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, I must adapt to my surroundings as I navigate a new university and face the challenges of a global pandemic. Despite academic and social stressors, I have found my African and African American Studies courses to be a source of comfort and excitement for me. My professors in the Department have been extremely understanding and enthusiastic about teaching through the ups and downs of this Fall semester. Due to the social and travel restrictions, it’s been difficult to spend quality time with people in person, so I’ve had to get creative with how I meet new people and communicate with old friends. There are times when a lack of face-to-face interaction feels isolating and disheartening. However, I think that this experience has strengthened my social skills as I’ve been able to interact with people from around the world through my computer screen. Although things may be tough now, I have to remind myself that I must do my part to care for those around me by being safe and considerate with my words and actions. I am looking forward to Spring semester and exploring my major and new courses!" Olivia Kerr, AB 2023