Parikh co-edits special issue of the American Ethnologist

Professor Shanti Parikh served as co-editor of special Ferguson issue of the American Ethnologist journal.

A special issue on Ferguson as the birthplace of the 21st-century Black resistance co-edited by Shanti Parikh came out in Anthropology's flagship journal American Ethnologist (AE). It is a coproduction by academics and local artivists and is the result of a conference held at WashU in March 2020. Odis Johnson has a piece in it, and Adrienne Davis' office provided generous funding for junior women of color anthropologists to attend the conference.


A link to the journal, "@Ferguson: Still Here in the Afterlives of Black Death, Defiance and Joy"


The following trailor by a local filmmaker provides an accompanying video with live footage the protests and pieces from the Ferguson Forum.