Queer of Color Critique


This course focuses on the contributions of the interdisciplinary subfield of Queer of Color Critique. Queer of Color Critique consists of theories, analytics, knowledge, and activism that emerge from LGBTQ people of color who examine the intersections of, primarily, race, class, gender, sexuality, culture, and other vectors of power and categories of social life. The scholarship produced by these LGBTQ scholars of color, and allies, inform, or are informed by, theories and analyses of gender, culture, colonialism/postcolonialism, nationalisms, indigeneity, migration, diaspora, space and place, political economies, and HIV/AIDS. Albeit not exhaustive, in this course, we willexamine some genealogies ofthis expanding interdisciplinary body of work. Waitlist managed by dept.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; AS SD I; FA HUM; AR HUM; AS SC

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Queer of Color Critique
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