Submit this form to be reimbursed either by the Department of African & African American Studies directly, or from your AFAS research fund. 

Personal Information
Reimbursement Type
Select the type of reimbursement then proceed to the appropriate section.
Itemization of Expenses
List the total cost for all that apply. Be sure there are receipts for each.
For group meals provide date, type of meal, and list attendees.

Upload receipts for each expense outlined above. If you attended a conference you must also upload the conference program.  Also, for the sake of tracking please save each file using the following format, "LAST NAME - DESTINATION or CONFERENCE NAME - TRAVEL REPORT."

Meal Reimbursement
Please submit list of attendees and receipts for meals either purchased on behalf of AFAS, or in relation to research by which you will be reimbursed from your research fund. Reimbursement limits are as follows: Breakfast/Lunch - $30/person; Dinner - $75/person. Any amount over this limit will not be reimbursed.

Upload receipt using the following format, "LAST NAME - MEAL - DATE."

Instructional or Research Purchases
Includes, but not limited to books, instructional and office supplies. Reimbursements from the department for these items require the chair's approval otherwise they will be reimbursed from individual research funds.

Upload receipts using the following format, "LAST NAME - TYPE OF PURCHASE."

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