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Evidence Based Decision-making and Black St. Louis

African And African-american Studies 235 - Spring 2020

Using the topic of racial equity in St. Louis, this course provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the program courses to a real-world experience in public health, education and/or legal studies by identifying, assessing and addressing current issues affecting the lives of people of African descent. Using data, students will develop an evidence-based policy brief. This project seeks to critically examine how the intersection of the course materials shape both (1) the understanding of their topic, and (2) how data are used to develop policies and programs for communities. While the focus of the project is on a particular issue in health, education and/or legal studies, it highlights the intersection with other axis of culture, government, leadership and social determinants such as sex and gender, and poverty. The purpose of this course is bridging the gap of theory and practice and achieving a better understanding of the complexity and inter-sectorial nature of health, education and law issues. Even though the outcome of this project is writing a policy brief along with providing policy and program recommendations it also emphasizes the cross-cutting competencies: (1) demonstrating effective written and oral skills for communicating with different audiences; (2) applying core functions of assessment, policy development and assurance in the analysis of the selected problem and their solution; and (3) applying ethical principles to program planning, implementation and evaluation. Particular emphasis will be placed on process for developing policy recommendations by developing a topic from a secondary dataset, writing a detailed background section, identifying appropriate variables, and analyzing the data. Students will be placed in groups of three (3) to complete each assignment.

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Evidence Based Decision-making and Black St. Louis
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