Topics in African American Literature: Stars of the Canon


The recent passing of the Nobel Prize winning Toni Morrison offers an opportunity to celebrate her work along with that of others that have similarly, if not quite as monumentally, left an impact on the literary universe. This class will offer a deep dive into a quartet of Black authors whose literary achievements build on and out from one another. Whether Morrison or Audre Lorde, Ernest Gaines or Colson Whitehead, these four writers have shaped and will continue to shape U.S. writing in the century ahead. Prerequisite: the ability and willingness to put in long hours of reading weekly, as up to twelve complete texts may be assigned; written assignments will probably include at least one short and one seminar-length essay. Familiarity with African American history and upper division courses in literature is strongly suggested although not required.
Course Attributes: FA HUM; AR HUM

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Topics in African American Literature: Stars of the Canon
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